Workshop Good practices for research with Python

The simplicity and programmability features of Python have turned this programming language into a very handy tool for everyday research. This workshop provides an all-in-one starter package to develop you own research project from scratch using Python.

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01 — 02 Oct 2019
09.00 am to 05.00 pm
SURF-office, Utrecht

What are you going to learn?

During these 2 days you will get an overview of the use of Python from the basics, which will be coupled with hands-on exercises to get you started with its use. At the same time, you will learn good practices that will help you to start your open source software project.

Moreover, you will get some specific insight on how to use Jupyter notebooks for research. The use of these tools will be illustrated using the example of 3D data visualization, for which you will use a remote connection to the facilities at SURFsara.

For whom?

For researchers who would like to improve their computational skills to conduct research in our digital era.

By who?

The Netherlands eScience Center and SURF join forces to offer the research community a new series of workshops on essential computer skills, one of which is this workshop.


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For this workshop no previous programming experience is required.