AV-contractentool [AV Contract Tool]: make copyright agreements for your videos with ease

The AV-contractentool helps you to draw up contracts when making videos. This ensures that you make sound agreements in advance with all those involved about the rights, the subsequent use and the distribution.


A brief overview of the AV-contractentool

  • Simple arrangement of copyright agreements
  • For video producers
  • Specially developed for education

Model contract for the use of your video

The AV-contractentool helps you to easily create model contracts for each video production. With the tool:

  • you determine the purpose of the production with the corresponding agreements  
  • you arrange the arrangements for the later use and distribution of the material
  • you determine who can watch and use the video. But also where, how and how this happens  

Do you want to get started with the AV-contractentool? You can find the tool directly via avcontractentool.nl or via auteursrechten.nl

"Making videos as teaching material, presentation of a study or for a training assignment? Don't burn your fingers on copyright issues."

Independent and specially developed for the education sector

The AV-contractentool has been specially developed for the education sector and is free of advertising. We have developed the tool independently of publishers, foundations and other stakeholders. The tool has been checked by a lawyer so you don't have to worry about its reliability.

"With the AV-contractentool, make sure you agree on what purpose, how, where and by whom the result may be used."

Copyright in the education sector

Would you like to know more about copyright and copyright law? On the website auteursrechten.nl you will find practical information about copyright issues in the education sector. You will find 90 questions and answers from practice, knowledge clips, rules of thumb and other tools.