Cyber Threat Assessment 2018

How did cybersecurity develop in education and research in 2018? What were the main threats and risk factors? What about the resilience of institutions? You can read about it in the Cyber Threat Assessment 2018. Interesting for administrators, security and privacy officers of Dutch research and educational institutions.

studenten zitten achter laptop bij elkaar in een studieruimte

Risk factors

The Cyber Threat Assessment 2018 is the fifth threat assessment we have compiled. This report is based on a survey among employees of educational and research institutions and on public sources. In the survey, we asked which risk factors the SURF target group considered to be the most important, what incidents had occurred, and what the resilience of the institutions was.

Threats in 2018

The Cyber Threat Assessment 2018 also addresses the threats. Important threats include malware, ransomware, data theft and phishing. Denial-of-service attacks also continue unabated. However, the threats vary from sector to sector. In the report you can see for each sector which threat is found to be the greatest in each sector.

Previous versions of Cyber Threat Assessment

SURF publishes an annual Cyber Threat Assessment report. See also the Cyber Threat Assessment 2016and Cyber Threat Assessment 2017.