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Analysis of study data can contribute to more effective and efficient guidance of students. How do you use study data in a safe and reliable way to improve education? With learning analytics, study data can be converted into valuable reports, for both instructor and student.


learning analytics


  • Institutions, lecturers and students have confidence in a responsible application of learning analytics.
  • Students and lecturers gain insight into the quality of learning and teaching based on data.
  • SURF provides services that enables institutions to apply learning analytics in a reliable, transparent and secure manner.

How do we realise these goals?

Trendverkenning studiedata

8 maatschappelijke trends voor studiedata

Wat zijn de maatschappelijk trends die invloed hebben op het thema studiedata? Lees meer over de 8 trends die we op dit moment in de samenleving terugzien in de Trendverkenning studiedata. We hebben gekeken naar trends vanuit een sociale/psychologische invalshoek en hopen dat deze verkenning je inspiratie geeft om gesprekken te voeren over studiedata.

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Starting with education data

Aandachtspunten learning analytics

Aandachtspunten voor een veilige en betrouwbare infrastructuur

Ontwikkelt jouw instelling een infrastructuur voor learning analytics of het analyseren van studiedata, of neemt je instelling dit af? Dan moet je verschillende afwegingen maken als het gaat om privacy, ethiek en functionaliteit. SURF heeft een aantal aandachtspunten en vragen opgesteld.

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Vier studenten kijkend naar een mobiele telefoon

Verkenning Regie op studiedata door studenten

Instellingen verzamelen veel data over en van studenten. Meer regie op deze data vanuit de student is wenselijk, zodat de student inzicht en controle heeft over de verwerking van persoonsgegevens binnen het onderwijsproces. Maar wat zijn de mogelijkheden voor een infrastructuur voor regie op studiedata?

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Studenten TU Eindhoven zitten met rugzak

Discussion model & manual for learning analytics

Sometimes it is difficult to determine what you want to achieve with learning analytics. Where do you start? Who do you have to involve? And what else do you need to think about? To help you with this, we have created a discussion model and manual.

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Proeftuin learning analytics

Learning Analytics Field Lab

Are you a lecturer and do you want to learn how to use learning analytics within your own organisation? If so, make use of the Learning Analytics Field Lab from the Facilitating Professional Development for Lecturers zone. SURF contributed to the series of 6 meetings about educational objectives, ethics, data quality, privacy, data management, and more. 

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AVG and ethics

learning analytics

What are we allowed and what do we want with data on students?

How do institutions use study data in a safe and reliable way to improve education? In the field of legislation and regulations, the use of study data raises questions.

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Podcast SURF sounds

Podcast Data and Ethics in Education

In a data-driven world, how do ethics come into play? And what does this mean for education? Germaine Poot, project leader of Education Data, interviewed Miriam Rasch, philosopher and author of the book 'Friction, Ethics in Times of Dataism' published by De Bezige Bij. 

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Vrouw achter laptop

Learning analytics in 5 steps: A guide to the GDPR

Does your institution want to start with learning analytics? Please follow the plans’ different steps with your learning analytics team to immediately survey the impact of learning analytics on privacy.

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Reference framework for privacy and ethics for education data

The 'Secure and Reliable Use of Education Data' Acceleration zone has published a draft version of the Reference framework for privacy and ethics for education data, including ethical principles and legal frameworks for responsible use. You can test the reference framework within your own institution.

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learning analytics

Market and technology foresight Learning analytics

What does the current offering of market and technology providers of Learning analytics look like? A market and technology study has been carried out for this purpose. Read more about the research in the report Market and technology foresight learning analytics.

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Onderzoeker achter computer waarop onderzoeksdata te zien is

Infrastructure research Learning analytics

Educational institutions and the public sector recognise that the analysis of study data can contribute to more effective and efficient guidance of students. But the question is what does an infrastructure for a Learning analytics platform look like?

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Werkende studenten bovenaanzicht

What do you need to arrange technically?

The possibilities of study data are great, but what technical arrangements do you need to make in order to use learning analytics in your teaching practice?

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Artifical Intelligence

Neural network

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

SURF is at the forefront when it comes to applying AI in research. We also look at the possibilities for education and IT services.

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Promises of AI in Education

Podcast series about AI

In this podcast series, Duuk Baten, Thomas van Himbergen and Andres Steijaert look for what we can do with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education and research.

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SURF Communities

AI in Education

This starting Special Interest Group (SIG) wants to bring together and expand knowledge and insights on artificial intelligence, both practical applications and ethical and social aspects.

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SURF Communities

LinkedIn group study data and learning analytics

Are you interested in study data and/or learning analytics and would you like to gain or share knowledge? Sign up for the Linkedin group where we bring together experts and education professionals. This is a joint initiative of SURF, the Secure and Reliable Use of Education Data zone and the SIG Learning Analytics.

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