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Flexibility is exactly what education has to organise for students, now that no education will be given on location in the coming months. There is a great demand for expertise and facilities in the field of online education. SURF offers educational institutions extra support in this respect during the corona crisis.


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Online and blended education challenges

The quality of education gets a big boost if you combine the possibilities of online education with face-to-face education on campus. What challenges do you face if you want to introduce online and blended education?

  • How do you realise online and blended education within your institution?
  • How do you design blended education?
  • How do your lecturers facilitate and support educational innovation?
  • How do you involve students in online forms of education?
  • How should you deal with the AVG in blended education?

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How to organise educational innovation with IT


How to organise educational innovation with IT

Educational innovators who want to help lecturers bring about educational innovation with IT will find inspiration and decision aids here.

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Educational practice

peer feedback

Deeper learning with peer feedback

Peer feedback is a suitable form of education to bring about deeper learning - critical thinking, knowledge processing, creativity - among students. Read more

peerfeedback en online binding

Getting started with online bonding

How do you welcome (new) students online and make them feel connected to each other and the institution? How do you keep your students motivated online? We will help you on your way with tips and tricks that you can put into practice!

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Organiseer verdiepend contact met online begeleiden

Online begeleiding biedt meer flexibiliteit en een mix van begeleidingsvormen, waardoor het onderwijs interessanter wordt voor student en docent. Lees de praktijkverhalen om online begeleiden in de onderwijspraktijk in te zetten.

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Learning spaces

Learning Spaces (Credits: Jasper van Winden)

Learning spaces

Learning spaces support active learning well and help students develop 21st century skills. How do you develop learning spaces?

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Jasper van Winden - hybride classroom

Hybrid education

Hybrid education has taken off in 2021-2022. But what is hybrid education and why do you need a hybrid classroom for it? How is it already being used at educational institutions, what do lecturers and students think of it and how is the technology arranged?

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Methodieken en tools binnen blended onderwijs

Tools for online education

Providing online education requires digital tools. How do you find your way in the large supply of tools?

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Highlighted projects

Student PleitVRij

Students learn virtual pleading with PleitVRij

Students practice pleading in a virtual environment to practice their speaking skills in a realistic way and learn from each other. Sylvia Moes (VU) and Adriaan Wierenga (RUG) talk about their experiences.

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Pieter Bots TUDelft

PRESTO: Peer assessment in relay form

The learning relay is an innovative and instructive educational form, but also a moral dilemma. Pieter Bots talks about the learning relay that goes one step further than peer feedback: students rate each other's work with 1 to 5 stars.

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Stefan Hugtenburg TU Delft

Gamified knowledge platform to challenge each other

Stefan Hugtenburg tells how TU Delft is challenging IT students to exchange more knowledge through a knowledge platform with game elements, in order to revitalise their close-knit knowledge community.

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