eduID: 1 digital identity for students

Education digitalises and is becoming more and more flexible. Students want to shape their own educational career. This creates logistical and administrative challenges. Therefore SURF, together with the institutions, is developing eduID: one identity that students can use at any educational institution: before, during, and after their studies.

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Gaining experience with eduID pilots

In the past 2 years we have gained a lot of experience with the Edubadges pilot and learned a lot about eduID. In 2020, a large pilot will be added. For the Flexibilisation zone of the Education Innovation with IT Acceleration Plan we are going to do a pilot with registering for a subject in 1 click.

Student mobility: register for a course at another institution with 1 click

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In the past 2 years we gained a lot of experience with the edubadges pilot. In 2020 a large pilot will be added. For the Flexibilisation zone of the Education Innovation with IT Acceleration Plan (in Dutch), the Student Mobility pilot will start: registering for a course at another institution with 1 click. In this pilot, Eindhoven University of Technology, Utrecht University and Wageningen University & Research are working together. SURF will realise the infrastructure for eduID.

The aim of this pilot project is to enable students to register for a course at one of the three institutions with one click. A student can digitally approve the information via eduID and share it with two institutions in order to realise the registration process. This requires an architecture with various security and privacy challenges.

Student identification: edubadges

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As a result of increasing flexibility, more and more students want to follow courses in smaller units. These units must therefore be certified separately (microcredentialing).

Edubadges are digital visual insignia containing, among other things, information about the course followed and the number of ECTS.  Students who successfully complete an educational unit can request an edubadge for this purpose. This makes it easier for them to take courses at various educational institutions, because it is clearer for an institution what concrete knowledge and skills the student has.

Pilot with edubadges

SURF has been organising a pilot with edubadges since 2019. In it, 17 institutions issue edubadges to students via the edubadges infrastructure. Students who successfully complete a course, subject, or non-accredited education will receive an edubadge for this purpose. To request them, they use their eduID.

Role of eduID in edubadges pilot

For this pilot we have built an eduID infrastructure, which students can use to create an eduID. With the eduID they can then identify themselves at the institution and request the badge. This edubadge is then assigned to the eduID. The edubadge remains available via the eduID even after graduation.

The edubadges pilot ends in October 2020.

Do a pilot too? Join in!

We can't develop eduID on our own. We desperately need your knowledge and are always looking for new applications to develop and realise eduID as well and as widely as possible! By 2020, we want institutions to be able to use eduID for specific target groups: preregistrants, 'outside' students and alumni. Do you have a challenge for which you would like to use eduID? Then contact us! Send an e-mail to the product manager Peter Clijsters.

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