eduID: 1 digital identity for students

Education digitalises and is becoming more and more flexible. Students want to shape their own educational career. This creates logistical and administrative challenges. Therefore SURF, together with the institutions, is developing eduID: one identity that students can use at any educational institution: before, during, and after their studies.

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Join us!

We cannot develop eduID on our own. We desperately need the knowledge of the institutions! By 2020, we want institutions to be able to use eduID for specific target groups: preregistrants, 'outside' students and alumni. Do you have a challenge for which you would like to use eduID? Let us know and join in!

Stay tuned!

Are there currently no concrete projects within your institution where eduID can provide added value? If so, sign up for updates from the eduID project. This way, you'll be kept up to date!

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