eduID, to support lifelong learning, research and collaboration

Students are increasingly taking courses at other institutions. Researchers are collaborating with a number of other research institutions or with companies. SURF is investigating how a single identity, the eduID, can help facilitate this. We could use the help of institutions to develop eduID.

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What does SURF want to achieve?

SURF wants students to be able to log in easily and securely with eduID - during and after their studies - to any educational institution in the Netherlands in the future. To that end, we are developing a secure and reliable architecture in close consultation with the institutions and key stakeholders such as the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, and Studielink. In 2020, we want to make a first version of eduID available for students and institutions to gain experience. To achieve this, we are carrying out various pilots.

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eduID principles

  • personal
  • user is in charge
  • usable for life, even after graduation
  • privacy-friendly
  • to be enriched with other education-related matters about student, institution, study

eduID enables you to

  • identify and authorise students
  • exchange student information or obtained results digitally
  • simplify the registration process
  • have a life-long view and control of one's own educational data
  • gain insight in educational careers at the end of studies or offer services to alumni

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eduID benefits

SURF sees eduID as a precondition for meeting the challenges of greater flexibility in education and lifelong development. But what specifically does eduID offer institutions and students?

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Read about eduID pilots

In the past 2 years we have gained a lot of experience with the Edubadges pilot and learned a lot about eduID. In 2020, a major pilot will be added, the student mobility pilot: registering for a course at another institution with 1 click.

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