Jasper Distelbrink, advisor for universities of applied sciences at SURF

At SURF, Jasper Distelbrink has always been active in customer relationship management with the institutions. He currently advises on matters relating to universities of applied sciences. ‘I am still fully committed to SURF. I know of no other organisation with this unique combination of factors.’

Representative function

‘I maintain the contacts with all the universities of applied sciences about anything related to the SURF organisation. I represent SURF to the institutions, but I also represent the organisations within SURF. My role is mainly to provide advice and to refer. This means that I need to be well informed about everything that is going on. I therefore spend a lot of time visiting the universities of applied sciences to meet with people and collect information. Personal contact is essential in my job. I speak mainly with the IT directors and CIOs, but also meet many other contacts at the meetings that we organise.’

Jasper Distelbrink SURF medewerker

There is never a boring moment

‘I’ve been working at SURF for years now, and there is never a boring moment. SURF is an organisation that is always evolving, and my job evolves along with it. When I had just started here – in the early days of the public internet – we were real pioneers! That was also the original reason I wanted to work at SURF. I attended a SURF conference as a student and was immediately enthralled by what SURF represented: professionalism and content.’

Working at a unique organisation

‘I consciously experienced our development from that initial phase to where we are today and I have always learned a lot while performing my work. It all felt very natural to me as my role in the organisation evolved organically over the years. As long as this doesn’t change my work will remain interesting. It still feels like I work for a truly unique organisation, which is why I’m still fully committed to SURF. Of course, I sometimes check out what else is available, but there just doesn’t seem to be any other organisation with the same unique combination of factors.’

Respect for our professionalism

‘The informal atmosphere and open working environment make it very easy to connect with colleagues. What I really appreciate here is the freedom you are given to develop yourself, and to do your work the way you want to do it. You are really seen and treated as a professional. This applies throughout the organisation and makes working here a pleasure. I also appreciate the quirkiness of SURF. Divergent views are always welcome and no one’s afraid of engaging in a frank discussion.’

Jasper Distelbrink SURF medewerker 2