Wladimir Mufty, policy advisor Innovation and Technology at SURF

Wladimir Mufty is policy advisor on Innovation and Technology at SURF. He stared at SUR as a Young Talent and has since advanced through the cooperative. ‘My colleagues are all very different people, but share the same passion and sense of humour. This makes my work a lot of fun.’

Pivotal role in the bigger picture

‘I advise the Board on policy in the field of technology and innovation, both nationally and internationally. Programme managers are responsible for their own innovation programmes, but I take care of the connection to the rest of the SURF programmes and the larger whole. I play a pivotal role in which I connect the right people to each other. I also look at the large European and global innovation projects that may be of interest to us, and provide support in the implementation of large projects and complex processes such as tenders.’

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Unique team

‘I have been at SURF now for 6 years and have held different positions. I started as a Young Talent, where I gained experience in a two-year period in a wide range of IT projects in the various departments. I was then given a permanent position at SURF. SURF is a fantastic organisation. I work with a unique group of great colleagues, who are often highly trained and committed to their work. They have a sense of humour and a shared passion and working with them is a pleasure.’

The end-user is paramount

‘What really appeals to me is that at SURF the end-user really is our first priority. Our choices are always focused on what is best for the end-user, rather than on fickle shareholders or profit margins. For this reason, we sometimes have to take difficult decisions, or do something the hard way. But we are always fighting the good fight, and with our heart in the right place. And at the end of the day, we simply deliver very good and reliable products and services. That’s what makes SURF the ideal organisation to work for, if you ask me.’

Leading in innovation

‘The basic infrastructure, such as the network and the required software, is the starting point for real innovation. At SURF, we are often at the forefront of innovation in such infrastructure. We have some of the top experts in mobile, networks and security to handle such things: techies who also happen to be born teachers. It’s fantastic to be able to do my bit and experience it up close. And this is even more so if our work involves concrete innovations for students, researchers and spin-offs, or start-ups that were able to get off the ground thanks to this innovative basic infrastructure.’

Personal interpretation

‘I don’t think that there is another organisation where you are given as much freedom as we are. The management encourages you to look at the world around you and see what it needs. We are given a lot of freedom to do things our own way and are continuously looking at what’s going on in the world around us and responding. You have to be intrinsically motivated for this to work. If you want to bring your own touch to your work and think about what does and doesn’t work on your own, you probably can’t do much better than SURF.’

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