Young Talent testimonial: Migiel de Vos

Migiel de Vos talks about his time in SURF's Young Talent programme. He now works as a product manager in the Network department. 'The Young Talent programme introduces you to all aspects of ICT – the technical side, but also other areas such as project management.'

How were you chosen as Young Talent?

After graduating from Computer Science & Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology, I went in search of a job. During my studies I had run a small business that offered various types of hosting and website construction services. Because I wanted to keep developing further, I stopped doing that and went in search of something else.

I came across the Young Talent vacancy at SURF, and applied straight away. I noticed very quickly that SURF is not just about technology, but more about what we can do with it: enabling users in research and education to communicate more effectively and efficiently.

What did you do as part of Young Talent?

My first project was for DNSSEC, an expanded version of the Domain Name System that remedies a number of vulnerabilities in DNS making internet 'signposting' more secure and reliable. I created a tool that checks whether a DNSSEC zone works properly.

After that I was made responsible for the roll-out of a new database containing all the technical information on the SURF network. I documented how and which information needed to be transferred from the old system to the new one, and ensured that the new system was implemented and put into operation.

During a third project, I revised the current SURF customer information systems and issued a recommendation on the best way to manage customer information in the future.

After that, I looked at how SURF can support institutions through complex connection procedures. I was in direct contact with many of our customers during that time.

My final project involved project management at SURFconext services, where I was responsible for connecting new services to the SURFconext collaboration infrastructure, such as e-research and video services.

What was the most special thing about your time in the Young Talent programme?

A very pleasant and educational part of the Young Talent programme is that it introduces you to all aspects of ICT – the technical side, but also other areas such as project management. That's how I discovered that project management really suits me, something I had never thought before.