How much and how often was SURFconext used in 2018?

SURFconext has grown considerably again in 2018. At 118 million, the total number of logins via the service was 30% higher than in 2017. The number of unique users also rose by 15% in 2018. In addition, 240 new services were connected to SURFconext in 2018. See all the facts in this infographic.

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Again many new services

With almost 1000 connected services, SURFconext grew strongly last year. In total, users could log in to 240 new services with their own institutional account. MBO institutions also began to use SURFconext more intensively and international services were linked using eduGAIN. For these reasons, the number of Service Providers connected rose by more than 32% in 2018 compared with 2017.


The use of SURFsecureID also increased sharply in 2018. More and more institutions and users are using this second factor service to be able to log in to services in an extra secure manner. In 2018, the number of users increased by more than 100%, and the total number of logins tripled compared to one year previously.

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