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Enlighten Your Research (EYR) is a competition that challenges researchers from all sorts of scientific areas to give a boost to their research. Processing and analysing large amounts (or a big variety of) scientific data plays a central role in research of EYR participants.

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For information about Enlighten Your Research Global 2015, please visit www.enlightenyourresearch.net  

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Past editions of Enlighten Your Research

In the past years, 4 EYR editions have been organised.

  • EYR4 (2013) invited researchers to submit a proposal involving challenging data questions.
  • EYR3 (2011) focused not just on the use of lightpaths, but on e-Infrastructure in general by collaborating with other infrastructure partners.
  • EYR2 (2009) aimed at promoting the use of dynamic lightpaths.
  • EYR1 (2007) researchers were asked to submit a proposal for the application of one or more fixed lightpaths (national or international)

Read more about the previous EYR winners and read the jury reports.


The organising partners of the Dutch Enlighten Your Research edition are SURFnet, SURFsara, NWO and Netherlands eScience Center. They offer a world-class operational communication and computing infrastructure to facilitate scientific research. This e-Infrastructure provides researchers with high-speed communication networks and powerful computing middleware tools that foster collaboration and promote the shared use of high-end computing and data resources.

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