Computing and Data Infrastructures

For Dutch research to operate at a world-class level, the national e-infrastructure for education, research and business must work to the same standard. SURF facilitates the most advanced computing and data-intensive research programmes with its ‘Computing and Data Infrastructures’ innovation programme.

What is the goal of the programme?

The multi-year goal of the ‘Computing and Data Infrastructures’ innovation programme is to provide optimal support for the education, research and SME/industrial sectors. We do this by providing advanced services in the areas of computing infrastructure, data storage and access, visualisation and expertise, and we upgrade these services on an ongoing basis.

What do we do in this programme?

Through digitalisation, sensors and internet, researchers have ever-greater amounts of data at their fingertips. Firstly, they want to be able to analyse this data. Furthermore there is a growing need for capacity, both for simulation purposes and to process data in real time. That requires e-infrastructure innovation based on technological developments, and it requires integration of new techniques such as accelerators, big data analytics and manycore processors.

Within the ‘Computing and Data Infrastructures’ innovation programme, we facilitate an e-infrastructure that we are developing and expanding through different projects, so that we remain at a world-class level. We do this in close collaboration with researchers and partners, including the Netherlands eScience Center. The e-infrastructure consists of various components that we implement as an integrated service, where possible. This makes them simple and agile, so that they are available for national and international collaborative partnerships.

What is the value of this for education and research institutions?

Education and research institutions need the national e-infrastructure in order to carry out (internationally) competitive research, both at the university level, and increasingly at the higher professional education level. These institutions require that the facilities remain at least at the same level, and that their costs remains the same. With this innovation programme we ensure that the wishes and requirements of these institutions are met.

Which projects are part of this programme?

We are carrying out the following projects within the ‘Computing and Data Infrastructures’ innovation programme:

What have we already achieved through this programme?

Various examples of research projects making use of our computing and data infrastructures can be found in our Knowledge Base.

More information

Download the 2017 Computing and Data Infrastructures Programme Plan (Dutch)

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