Impact2: HPC for industry

In addition to research scientists, businesses are also using SURFsara's High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure. With the Impact2 project, companies can benefit from SURFsara’s services such as big data and large-scale computational power, enabling them to innovate faster and strengthen their market position.

The Netherlands in the lead

In terms of digital infrastructure, the Netherlands leads the rest of Europe. Investment in its digital infrastructure for scientific research means that the Netherlands now ranks among the world's leaders. The numerous innovations at SURF have advanced world-class research in various sectors and made the Netherlands an attractive country for ICT enterprises in which to base their operations.

Government incentive programme

SURFsara makes its HPC infrastructure available to research scientists. However, a portion of this capacity is also available for companies wishing to promote innovation and boost their competitiveness. The government is encouraging private-sector use through a low-threshold incentive programme: Impact2. The aim of this programme is to develop effective and sustainable solutions for the private sector. Read more about the Netherlands' digital infrastructure in Deloitte's report.

SURFsara's facilities

SURFsara offers a number of HPC services, including big data and cloud services. We can provide computational power, data storage, visualisation, advice, training, support and more. The incentive programme focuses on a number of priority sectors: Chemistry, High-Tech Systems & Materials, Energy, Life Sciences & Health, Creative Industries, Water and Agrofood.

Added value

HPC enables enterprises to carry out high-quality research. With HPC, companies are able to grasp complex issues and resolve them faster and more efficiently, potentially leading to new market opportunities, innovation, cost savings and shorter times-to-market.

Case example

Learn more about intensive data analyses of Kenedict Innovation Analytics on SURFsara's HPC Cloud.


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