Automation and orchestration

Automation and orchestration

SURF conducts research on the opportunities of automation and orchestration. We work on our own automation and orchestration framework that offers provisioning across multiple technology domains in a uniform way. By implementing automation and orchestration, we are able to respond to users’ current and future network needs.
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Capacity, privacy and/or security needs

Users at education and research institutions require specific network services to meet capacity, privacy and/or security needs. Current network operations will not scale to meet these growing end-user needs while still maintaining high-quality operational excellence. And to date, making any adjustment in the network still requires manual steps in the process with data entries in many systems, resulting in data pollution, inconsistencies and slow delivery of services. Additionally, on both the operational and business level, numerous interactions are required between the user and SURF in order to provision the requested service successfully.

Shorten time-to-deployment

To keep up with these increasing demands, we are investigating the possibilities of automation and orchestration. With automation, network tasks can be automated in various management and technology domains. The combination of these actions allows us to connect and manage systems intelligently as a whole. This is called orchestration. Automation and orchestration shorten the time-to-deployment for full package services, regardless of the location of the service components.

Current activities

SURF is building its own automation and orchestration framework that offers provisioning across multiple domains in a uniform way. We are investigating specifications of relevant standards, as well as standardized open and programmable interfaces, so that new components can be added or modified easily into our system in the future. Using data from our internal systems, we create separate workflows to deliver network services (products) to the institutions. With our framework, we also expect to enhance the integration with compute and storage facilities and other networks.

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