eduroam in public locations

eduroam in public locations

For many educational and research institutions, eduroam is now an essential service for students and staff. SURF is examining in which public locations eduroam can be offered.

eduroam should be available in public locations

Education and research increasingly take place off-campus and on the move. Students, lecturers and researchers are enthusiastic about eduroam, and despite the advent of 4G, people often say that it's a shame that eduroam is not available in public locations, for example en route between the station and the campus.

Feasibility study

In 2016, SURF commissioned a feasibility study on extending the eduroam cover to public areas from the research company Stratix and WAU?!. This included looking at the real needs, what is available and the implementation options.

Commercial players are keen to implement eduroam in public locations

Unlike in previous years, it seems that in 2017 this may actually happen, as a number of commercial players are interested in implementing eduroam in public locations for the SURF target group. 

Research into possible contributions by institutions

SURF is investigating to what extent institutions would be prepared to contribute to eduroam coverage in the Netherlands, supported by local authorities (with govroam) where necessary. If there is sufficient support, we will draw up a business model and issue a call for tenders.

Start and end date
01 Jan 2016 - 31 Dec 2018
Latest modifications 27 Nov 2017