International network activities

International network activities

Research and educational institutions are increasingly making use of e-infrastructure services delivered by providers or fellow institutions all over the world. It is therefore essential to ensure that the SURFnet network is connected to the rest of the world. SURFnet is engaged in various activities to further expand and improve this connectivity.

Cross-border optical fibres

SURFnet plays an important role in connecting international networks. For example, we operate the open light path exchange NetherLight and, together with international partners, we are putting Cross Border Fibers in place. This infrastructure enables connections to the most important international parties. 

The infrastructure is being developed further in projects such as ANA or GNA. This allows the costs of these optical fibre cables to be shared with other National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) and brings high-quality, broadband connections within reach of more researchers. ANA-300G is an example of this.

Technology study of NetherLight multi-domain environment

In recent years, many e-infrastructure service providers – from storage to IP telephony – have been directly connected to NetherLight, allowing institutions to access their services easily, quickly, and securely via light paths. This model is being further developed and expanded by exploring the technology available for a multi-domain environment. In such an environment, network services can also be provided automatically and quickly across several network domains.

Activities 2018

This year we work on renewing the NetherLight hardware, so that we can technologically keep NetherLight in line with the next generation of the SURFnet network, SURFnet8.

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