Research on Networks

Research on Networks

Research on Networks (RoN) is a collaborative programme between SURF and Dutch research institutions that focuses on researching new network technologies. By collaborating we can ensure that the network will continue developing in order to support our customer. Are you network researcher and do you want to collaborate with SURF, join us.

Research into new network technologies

SURF maintains and develops a network infrastructure that satisfies the needs and high demands of our institutions. In order to meet the growing needs of research and education, SURF is continuously researching how the network can be further developed. We test new technologies, analyse applications and solve existing problems. This generates network-specific research questions that need to be researched. Yet SURF does not always have the in-house knowledge required to carry out this research.

Combining knowledge and expertise

Our affiliated institutions employ network researchers who possess specialist and advanced knowledge of specific technology domains. That is why SURF wants to collaborate with these network researchers to find answers to the network-specific research questions. This will enable SURF to find solutions to problems that it and its institutions currently face, and to implement improvements to the network in the future. These improvements will then benefit education and research.

View project overview

On our wiki you can read more about the current RoN projects. You will also find information about the completed projects here.

Join in!

We are always looking for new researchers who want to collaborate with SURF in its research into new network technologies. If you are you interested or would like to request additional information, send an email to

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01 Jan 2004
Latest modifications 06 Mar 2018