About software-defined networking

Software-defined networking (SDN) enables networks to be managed at software level. SDN allows you to take a more dynamic approach to infrastructure and more flexibility in responding to changes within or outside the institution. SURF is examining the potential applications for the SURFnet network.

Management function decoupled from data forwarding

With software-defined networking (SDN), management and control functions of network elements such as routers and switches are decoupled from the data forwarding function. The management function and other complex functions can be distributed across separate servers, thereby making the physical network elements (hardware) simpler and shifting the focus onto transmitting and receiving data only.

Cooperation with institutions and international partners

SURF is working together with international partners such as the American network research consortium Internet2 on the development and testing of this new technology. SURF wishes to involve affiliated institutions in its activities and share its knowledge about the technology, via workshops or pilot projects involving user groups for which virtual network slices are made available.  

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