Education Innovation with IT

Students have more and more individual learning requirements and have high expectations for the digital environment in education. The Education Innovation with IT programme helps institutions tailor their education to meet these needs. To do this we run a range of projects together with the institutions, based on their challenges.

What are the programme's aims?

Optimally meeting students' learning needs

The student population of the Netherlands is increasingly diverse. Students carry various devices around with them and expect to be able to use all of them to access their learning environment and (open) learning materials anywhere, anytime, as well as use them to gain insights into their learning achievements. Many educational institutions harbour the ambition to provide an education that meets each student's individual learning needs. Through the Education Innovation with IT programme, SURF is therefore helping institutions to offer more personalised education.

Using IT for educational innovation

Thanks to developments in the IT sector, institutions are increasingly able to offer more tailored education and use technology which supports the current digital research and education sphere. SURF helps them do this. We support people who want to use IT to set educational innovation in motion within their institution.

What do we do in this programme?

Research IT options to boost the quality of education

SURF collaborates with educational institutions on an ongoing basis to build knowledge and expertise, while also facilitating the sharing of experiences. We research how IT can help education and the management of education organisations, and experiment with new applications and technologies. Additionally, SURF develops service packages based on the needs of institutions, helping them achieve their ambitions and boost the quality of education.

Institutional challenges as a starting point

In the programme we work to respond to challenges faced by educational institutions. To do this, in 2017 we are developing tools that institutions can use to make their education more flexible, and we are also supporting lecturers who want to set up a joint test bank. We are looking into how we can improve access to (open) learning materials, and how online and blended learning can be implemented effectively. Alongside selected institutions, we are experimenting with a learning analytics infrastructure and a demo environment for a digital learning environment.

How do institutions benefit from the programme?

Harnessing shared knowledge

SURF has knowledge and expertise when it comes to in-house educational innovation with IT, and gathers knowledge relating to topical issues both nationally and internationally. It shares this knowledge with all educational institutions. We want to make the innovative application of IT as straightforward possible, and discover new innovative IT opportunities in collaboration with institutions.

Simpler innovation through collaboration

By working together, educational institutions are able to implement the new applications and technologies they need to provide flexible, personalised education more quickly and more easily, and let students study wherever and whenever they want. They can offer personalised support and give students more control over the progress of their studies. And they can offer students a personalised learning environment, giving them access to learning and exam materials everywhere, all the time.

Which projects are part of this programme?

The ‘Education Innovation with IT’ programme focuses on the following topics:

More information

Christien Bok is the manager of the Education Innovation with IT programme. If you have general questions about the project, do not hesitate to send them to This four-year programme will run until the end of 2018.

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