Access to learning materials

A rich collection of digital learning materials at one location

When students and lecturers can access a wide variety of learning materials anytime and anywhere, there are more opportunities for flexible education. SURF wants to ensure that students have online access and that lecturers can develop and share open educational resources together.

Offering tailored learning materials

SURF wants to help institutions organise access to learning materials for students and lecturers. It is extremely important for students to have online access to a range of study materials from publishers and open learning materials. This means that they can study at any time, wherever they are.

Infrastructure for open educational resources

SURF is developing infrastructure for open educational resources in response to the wishes of educators and experts who want to share teaching materials with each other. This infrastructure connects sources for open educational resources both in the Netherlands and abroad, and therefore needs to meet the requirements of international standards governing metadata and the exchange of data. Above all, however, the infrastructure must be easy to use for students and lecturers alike.

Strategy and policy for open educational resources

Institutions and lecturers in Dutch higher education are not yet developing or using open educational resources on a large scale. By helping institutions to articulate a clear strategy and policy, we can stimulate a culture of sharing and reuse of learning materials. This is why, in 2017, SURF and institutions are developing practical guidance for creating policies for sharing and reusing open learning materials. We are also organising activities for institutions who want to actually create a policy in this area.


In the eStudybooks project we are developing a solution for students to gain access to online textbooks from different publishers using a subscription model. We are testing this with as part of an initial pilot which involves psychology students at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Their experiences are providing insight into the possible success of such a subscription model for textbooks and will inform subsequent actions, such as a new pilot with a different course or with several institutions.

Start date
01 Jan 2015
Latest modifications 27 Feb 2018