Digital assessment

When students can access a wide variety of examination materials anytime and anywhere, there are more opportunities for them to benefit from flexible, personalised education. SURF wants to stimulate the development and sharing of examination material through joint test banks.

Developing and sharing tests

SURF wants to help institutions organise access to test material for students and lecturers. If students are able to take several exams online, both they and their lecturers will gain a better understanding of their progress. Moreover, when institutions collaborate to develop question banks, large exam databases can be built up, making it easier to set regular formative tests. For this to happen, institutions have to work together on test banks so that they have shared access to large numbers of test items.

Test item banks

A lot of questions are needed to be able to offer formative tests. This is made possible by employing large item banks where tests are being added and shared by teaching staff of multiple institutions. There are already successful examples of joint item banks. In 2017 we are developing a workbook for lecturers and other experts who want to set up an item bank together, with a special focus on the organisational and technical issues involved.

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Start date
01 Jan 2015
Latest modifications 05 Jul 2017