Education innovation with IT in practice

Within the Education innovation with IT project, SURFnet is cooperating with institutions to study how we can use IT to give substance to customised education. What are success factors for organising education innovation, and which trends and technological possibilities can contribute to education innovation?

The challenge of providing customised education

Education institutions have the ambition to exchange classical, large-scale, curriculum-driven education for new, small-scale education formats that are customised to students. In doing so, they seek to provide flexible education that matches the learning needs of individual students as closely as possible. To truly innovate education, we have to question everything we take for granted: from dividing the year into semesters or periods to the significance of meeting face-to-face and the testing methods.

IT as an ‘enabler’ for education innovation

Both at home and abroad, education institutions are searching for ways to place the student at the centre of education. There is no proven strategy for achieving this; the only option is to begin trying. SURF is contributing to this effort and thinking about the role that IT can play. We have been working together with education institutions to develop IT innovations for years. Institutions see IT not only as a ‘driver’, but also as an ‘enabler’ of innovation. By collaborating and exchanging knowledge, we can achieve shared ambitions more quickly and put innovations into education practice more effectively.

What does SURFnet do for the institutions?

Providing insight into customised education

How can we use IT to give substance to customised education. What does customised education actually mean? What is necessary to achieve education innovation? Within the Education innovation with IT project, we are giving substance to the concept of customised education and providing the technological possibilities for achieving it. We are doing this is in close cooperation with education institutions.

Identifying trends and technological developments

Technological developments provide new possibilities. What was not possible yesterday might well be possible tomorrow. Which trends and technological developments can contribute to education innovation? We identify trends and developments both in the Netherlands and abroad, and encourage dialogue between IT and education experts regarding the possibilities they provide for offering customised education.

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01 Jan 2015
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