Flexible and Personal Digital Learning Environment

What does the digital learning environment of the future look like, what technical facilities does it require, and how implementing it? The Flexible and Personal Digital Learning Environment project supports institutions wrestling with these and other issues in the area of learning environments.

The learning environment of the future

To be better able to meet the different learning needs of students, educational institutions are increasingly offering more customised teaching. This requires a personal and flexible learning environment that is continually evolving.


Institutions that set out to create a digital learning environment encounter a variety of challenges. What components must a digital learning environment comprise to be able to offer good support for the different didactic models? How do you ensure that the different components of the digital learning environment appear to users as an integrated whole? And also: how do you ensure that all the stakeholders are involved in the development of the digital learning environment, and how do you make sure the right decisions are taken?

What SURFnet can do

Customised support: from an educational vision to the implementation of the learning environment

We investigate which steps are needed in order to translate the educational vision into an implementation of a digital learning environment. We offer institutions customised support for the implementation, for example with workshops or technical support. We also document the current situation, opportunities and bottlenecks at institutions. Read more

Technical requirements for a personal and flexible digital learning environment

For a digital learning environment that places the user – student, teacher, department – at the core, you need an architecture that makes it possible to upgrade and extend it using self-contained applications. The report A flexible and personal learning environment. From separate components to a single whole: a survey (pdf) offers a model of how this can be done. We continue to work jointly with institutions on the technical facilities required in order to install a modular learning environment. One of the standards needed for this is the Open Education API, the standard for sharing educational data. Read more

Onderwijsdagen (Education Days) 2016 – pre-conference on digital learning environments

During the Onderwijsdagen pre-conference in November 2016 we will be presenting an overview of the major challenges to creating a flexible digital learning environment, what solutions exist, and how far institutions have advanced in achieving their ambitions regarding the digital learning environment. For up-to-date information see the website for the Education Days (in Dutch).

Special interest group Digital Learning and Work Environment

There have been many developments in the area of digital learning environments. The problems vary for each institution, as does the approach, but there are still many common issues. The Digital Learning and Work Environment special interest group (DLWO SIG) discusses each of these in turn. Read more

Network of digital learning environment project managers

There is also a network specifically aimed at Digital learning environment project managers. Through this network, SURFnet wants to provide these project managers with a platform to exchange experience and share knowledge. You can register for the network with Lianne van Elk, at lianne.vanelk@surfnet.nl.


In the 2016 activity plan (pdf, in Dutch) you can see what we will be doing this year. If you would like to contribute to this project, please contact Marieke de Wit, project manager, at marieke.dewit@surfnet.nl.

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01 Jan 2015