Online and blended education

More educational flexibility with blended elements

In collaboration with institutions, SURF investigates how online and blended learning can contribute to customised education, improved quality, accessibility and efficiency of education and higher graduation rates.

Let students study wherever and whenever they want

Online and blended learning potentially allows students to study wherever and whenever they want: SURF wants to help this aspiration become a reality. We work with institutions experimenting with online and blended education. We also research the conditions needed for this to be successful and offer teaching staff practical tools to help them integrate elements of online teaching into their own practice.  

Open and online education incentive scheme

The Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science has provided funds for an annual incentive scheme for the years 2015 - 2018. Through this scheme, higher education institutions can propose projects to gain experience in implementing online and blended education in their own settings. SURF coordinates this scheme, and ensures that lessons and conclusions from the projects are available to the entire education sector.

Designing peer feedback

One of the advantages of online education is that it can serve large groups of students. How can you, as an institution, organise personal feedback to large groups of students on their work, with little or no intervention from teaching staff? One way this can be done is by having students assess each other's work. In 2017, we are putting together a knowledge portfolio on peer feedback, comprising a handbook, a range of good practices and a training session on the topic.

Help teaching staff provide online and blended education

As an institution, how can you organise teaching support and what do you need for this? What choices do different institutions make in the way they do this, and what can we learn from each other’s approaches? SURF is researching how institutions can help teaching staff establish online and blended education.

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01 Jan 2014
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