Efficient Service Delivery

The ‘Efficient Service Delivery’ innovation programme ensures that services offered by SURF, institutions, their international counterparts and commercial providers can be accessed in the same way and in safety. This will enable students, researchers, lecturers and other staff to make optimal use of these services.

What is the purpose of the programme?

ICT forms an integral part of education and research – every student, researcher, lecturer and other staff member uses ICT resources for study or work. So it’s important that choosing the right resources doesn’t take too much time, and that access to these services is both consistent and safe – regardless of whether these resources are provided at an institutional, national or international level. With the ‘Efficient Service Delivery’ innovation programme, SURF is aiming to make this a reality.

What are we doing in this programme?

Within the projects in the innovation programme, one of the things we’re working on is an accessible portal that will provide students, researchers, lecturers and other staff members with a good overview of all ICT resources and services. We’re also developing a reference architecture and standards. This will give education and research institutions better interconnectivity between their own and common ICT infrastructures, such as the SURF infrastructure.

How will it affect education and research institutions?

Our ambition is that by 2018 all students, researchers, lecturers and other staff members in Dutch institutions will have access to a comprehensive package of cloud-based and conventional services, software, information and content. They won’t have to worry about accessibility, rights of use or the reliability of these services. This will allow institutions to focus on their core functions: education and research.

List of projects in Efficient Service Delivery

As part of the Efficient Service Delivery programme, we are carrying out four projects:

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