SURFmarket 3.0

In this project, SURF is developing SURFmarket 3.0. This ICT marketplace gives every Dutch researcher, student, lecturer and staff member access to a wide range of products and services that they can deploy and use without having to worry about accessibility, rights of use or reliability.

ICT marketplace

SURFmarket is the ICT marketplace SURF uses to make an extensive portfolio of software, cloud services and content accessible for educational purposes. The products and services in the portfolio are provided by suppliers and publishers from a wide range of sectors: from business management and educational support to scientific research. SURFmarket provides these products and services through a specialist portal for staff and students (SURFspot) and for professionals within the institutions (through My SURFmarket).

ICT development

The ICT area for SURF members is developing rapidly. Products and services are being revamped, and the way in which the services are used is also changing. The transition to the Cloud is irreversible, and flexible use is increasingly becoming the standard. SURF is responding to these developments so institutions can continue to use the best solutions. To enable SURF to provide flexibility, smooth and intensive collaboration is required between SURF and its members, between SURF and the providers of these services and mutually between the operating companies.

SURFmarket 3.0: The next step

The SURFmarket 3.0 project involves revamping the back end of My SURFmarket. This will create a technical basis for adjustments to the current My SURFmarket at a later stage.  SURF is taking the next step. The back end of the ICT marketplace is a foundation that will enable new use models in the future, such as subscriptions, occasional use and prepaid services.

  • SURFmarket 3.0 will make it easier for institutions to purchase products and services.
  • SURFmarket 3.0 will make it simpler for students, lecturers, researchers and other staff members to use products and services.
  • SURFmarket 3.0 will improve the information available in the various target group portals, making it clear what conditions apply. By bringing together the relevant information about conditions of use, standards (including educational standards), legal requirements and lawfulness in a personalised way, SURFmarket will improve transparency for users and purchasers.
  • SURFmarket 3.0 will support collaboration within the chain, by making possible technical links and providing support for collaboration through workflows and relationship management.

Joint development

SURFmarket 3.0 will make new services possible and support new ways of using them. Together with its members, SURF is searching for the most suitable innovations and the ones that provide the most value. To this end, SURF works closely with both institutions and providers.

Start date
Latest modifications 05 May 2017