Supporting new business models for 'open access publishing'

This project aims to support researchers and institutions by keeping open access publishing simple, clear-cut and manageable. New licensing models will be developed and new ICT services and the legal expertise required for open access publishing will be identified.

 Business model for the future

The transition to a new business model has tremendous implications for both publishers and institutions. The traditional contracts only relate to the conditions for gaining access to scientific content. An open access contract includes agreements on publishing articles on the publisher's platform. Open access is also receiving considerable attention from politicians. From mid-2014, in association with UKB and SURFmarket, VSNU has been leading various negotiations with different publishers relating to open access.

SURFmarket fulfils three roles in this development that support the transition to open access:

1. Supporting a new licensing model

SURFmarket provides support in negotiating contracts with academic publishers comprising the following:

  • providing expertise in concluding new licences with publishers;
  • handling, explaining and ensuring the necessary communication on the legal and financial aspects of the licences;
  • advising contact persons at educational institutions.

The current conditions relating to user rights, prices and the allocation of costs will be amended for the purpose of transitioning to open access. The traditional contracts related solely to the use of content. Due to open access, new agreements will be made concerning the publication of articles by individual employees of the institutions. This will also have implications for the work processes of both the institutions and SURFmarket.

2. Identifying and developing of ICT services

The transition to open access means that ICT services will need to be identified and new services developed where necessary to facilitate the transition process for institutions and researchers. These services will provide institutions and researchers insight into and enable them to control the costs, quality and work processes.

3. Gathering and exchanging legal expertise

This aspect includes gathering and exchanging legal knowledge for sharing research results through open science, and, more specifically, expanding knowledge of copyright and open access publishing.





Start date
01 Jan 2015
Latest modifications 20 Apr 2017