EUDAT is a European collaborative project aimed at meeting the challenges surrounding the storage and management of research data. EUDAT is working towards a long-term strategy and develops services to facilitate data storage, sharing, analysis and archival, and secure data access.

European collaboration to promote accessibility of research data

New scientific instruments, simulations and automation have resulted in an explosion of research data. Although this data offers researchers wonderful opportunities, it also presents major management, accessibility and storage challenges. To tackle these challenges at European level, 2011 saw the launch of the EUDAT project, which is aimed at creating a data infrastructure for joint use by the European research community.

Partners from 14 countries

The EUDAT consortium consists of 33 partners from 14 European countries, including data centres, technology suppliers, research communities and funding institutions. Together they are working to realise data infrastructure that can fulfil the future needs of researchers for the long term. The Finnish CSG-IT Center for Science is coordinating the project, with funding from 7th EU Framework Programme.

Wide range of services

The purpose of EUDAT is to provide the European research community with durable infrastructure that facilitates access to scientific data, while catering as effectively as possible to the needs and wishes of the researchers. EUDAT identifies and develops services and technologies based on these requirements.

Current services

The current range includes the following services:

  • B2SHARE: a user-friendly and reliable solution for saving and sharing limited quantities of research data;
  • B2SAFE: a robust service that enables research communities to optimise their data management;
  • B2STAGE: a service for exchanging and transmitting large quantities of research data to HPC centres for processing;
  • B2FIND: a simple portal for locating data using a catalogue of metadata, both within and external to EUDAT data centres; and
  • B2DROP: a personal storage environment where researchers can share and synchronise their research data.

All services developed by EUDAT are also available via SURF.

Who is EUDAT for?

EUDAT is intended primarily for research communities that produce large-scale data sets. Its members include representatives from a large number of such communities, including linguistics (CLARIN), geology (EPOS), climate science (ENES), bio-informatics (ELIXIR) and life sciences (BBMRI, VPH). The common link between these communities is the fact that their volumes of research data have shown explosive growth over the last decade.

What is the role of SURFsara?

SURFsara has been a participant since EUDAT's inception in 2011, and manages the services development work package. SURFsara developed the B2SAFE service, for example, and is also collaborating on the creation of B2SHARE, a service to be used for the development of the SURF data repository service.


Learn more about an application of data replication with B2SAFE in cooperation with KNMI/ORFEUS.

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01 Oct 2011 - 28 Feb 2018
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