FileSender Innovation

You can use SURFfilesender to send and receive extremely large files with guaranteed privacy and security. SURFfilesender is based on the FileSender open source software and is undergoing continued development by for example SURFnet. In-browser encryption and time stamping are functions which are being worked on.

Sending and receiving extremely large files

SURFfilesender enables you to send and receive extremely large files. Examples include files containing research data, such as genome sequences or astronomical observations, as well as other types of data produced by lecturers, researchers and students. FileSender can transmit larger files than is possible via similar services (commercial or otherwise), e-mail or FTP. Security and privacy are guaranteed, for example because the uploaded files are located on servers in the Netherlands.

Continued development of the beta version

SURFfilesender is a full support service for the higher education and research sector. SURFnet is continuing to develop new functionalities, which will tested first with the bèta version of the FileSender software.

In-browser encryption

In 2014, the development of two new program functionalities is planned. SURFnet is working on the continued development of automatic in-browser encryption. It is sometimes desirable to encrypt files when transferring sensitive data. In the healthcare sector, for example, it has to be possible to transfer research data, HR data or personal details safely. This is possible using the FileSender software.

Time stamping

Another important functionality within the FileSender innovation project is 'time stamping', which means that a cryptographic time stamp provides proof that a certain file existed at a certain point in time and has not been changed, and combines this with the user's identity. In this way, FileSender can play a role in the protection of research data or research ideas. This is important in the modern, and highly competitive, academic world.

More information

If you have any questions or would like to receive more detailed information, please contact the SURFfilesender team.

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