Fortissimo is an EU project that makes simulations accessible to the SME sector. HPC providers, domain experts and software suppliers throughout Europe are developing new simulation and modelling services and making these available to other companies. The intended result is the creation of a marketplace for simulation and modelling services.
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123 partners across 14 countries

Fortissimo is a European collaboration project coordinated by the University of Edinburgh. Around 123 partners from 14 different countries are currently participating. The participants include small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), application developers, domain experts and service providers in the field of High Performance Computing (HPC). The objective is to bring advanced simulation technology within the reach of small and medium-sized enterprises for the purposes of product development. In this way, the initiators wish to boost the competitiveness of the European SME sector. The project is financed by the European Commission via the 7th Framework programme.

53 experiments

Fortissimo will consist of 53 experiments that are relevant to the European SME sector. The experiments are intended to develop the necessary infrastructure and test the marketplace model. Many experiments require collaboration between 3 parties: an SME company with a simulation issue, a company with knowledge of the domain and an HPC service provider. 

Fortissimo Marketplace

The Fortissimo Marketplace was born out of the project in the fall of 2016. The marketplace offers a self-service of High Performance Computing resources, software applications, expertise and tools, delivered by Europe’s major HPC technology providers.

Fortissimo Marketplace

SURFsara as a service provider

SURFsara is a partner in the Fortissimo experiments. Two of the first series of 20 experiments were conducted at SURFsara. SURFsara will also be involved in two experiments during the third series. SURFsara makes its own infrastructure available for the experiments and helps participating companies optimise their applications for this infrastructure. The follow-up project Fortissimo 2 will be launched at the end of 2015. SURFsara will therefore keep looking for SME companies seeking to benefit from large-scale computing capacity, e.g. for simulations and big data.

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