OpenConext Innovation

OpenConext is the open source software being developed by SURFnet for the SURFconext service. We invite you to contribute to the development of OpenConext.
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Building a collaboration infrastructure yourself

NRENs, collaborative organisations or other parties interested in OpenConext can use this software to create their own collaboration infrastructure. The aim is for OpenConext to be further developed within a growing community. You can contribute to this process by developing new components yourself and/or making documentation about OpenConext implementations available to others.

Expanding the use of OpenConext

SURFnet is developing its contributions to OpenConext within the SURFworks innovation programme. The open source software is already being used by a number of different organisations. SURFnet is encouraging international collaborative organisations, overseas research and educational network organisations and others to start using the software themselves and to contribute to the further development and expansion of OpenConext.

If you have an idea for an application of OpenConext, or would like to contribute to OpenConext yourself, get in touch through the mailing list on

Further information

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