Innovation projects overview

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  • Research data zone

    Innovation project - SURF is examining the possibilities of a research data zone, which is a section of a campus network that is optimised for data-intensive research. A project has been launched with UvA/HvA to design and implement a research data zone. SURF acts as a coordinator, bringing together the institutions and companies.

  • eduroam in public locations

    Innovation project - For many educational and research institutions, eduroam is now an essential service for students and staff. SURF is examining in which public locations eduroam can be offered.

  • PERT - Performance Enhancement and Response Team

    Innovation project - SURF is examining the possibilities for setting up a PERT: Performance Enhancement and Response Team. A PERT helps ICT departments and end users when the network isn’t providing optimum performance. It supports the optimisation of end-to-end performance, dealing with problems such as slow connections, low bandwidth and excessive delay or jitter.

  • E-LAN

    Innovation project - SURF is investigating the possibilities of an E-LAN (Ethernet Local Area Network) within the SURFnet network. An E-LAN is a virtual private LAN for connecting multiple locations. Researchers from UMCs are currently cooperating with the help of SURF's E-LAN.

  • Project SURFnet8

    Innovation project - SURF is working on Project SURFnet8, the goal of which is to further develop the fixed section of the national education and research network. Both layers of the SURFnet network – the optical layer and the service layer – will be upgraded.