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  • Provider-independent E-SIM

    Innovation project - SURFnet is investigating the possibilities of a provider-independent embedded SIM (E-SIM). In the near future, it will be possible to conclude contracts with providers in-house while operating as holders of E-SIM cards – all without end users having to change their SIM.

  • Wi-Fi calling

    Innovation project - SURFnet is researching Wi-Fi calling as a new type of wireless application, which carries phone calls and text messages over the Wi-Fi network. It is a solution to indoor coverage problems. SURFnet is playing an important role in the effort to make Wi-Fi calling available and is providing advice on public tenders for telephone services.

  • 5G

    Innovation project - SURFnet is researching potential 5G applications for education and research institutions. As part of these efforts, SURFnet is taking part in the 5Groningen project.