Innovation projects overview

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  • Organising flexibility

    Innovation project - The student population is becoming increasingly diverse, and every student has their own preferences and wishes. Consequently, student-oriented education requires flexibility. SURF is developing tools for student mobility and educational logistics that institutions can use to make their education more flexible and offer students more choices.

  • Flexible and Personal Digital Learning Environment

    Innovation project - It is expected that the digital learning environment of the future will be a flexible, personalised learning environment: a modular system with tools and applications that are easy to integrate and exchange. SURF wants to offer institutions the technical frameworks they need to be able to set up this kind of environment.

  • Continuing development of HORA & Standards

    Innovation project - In this project, SURF is optimising information management in higher education through Architecture and Standards. HORA (Higher Education Reference Architecture) ensures a common language, references, frameworks and models. Standards make a significant contribution to the quality and flexibility of national and international collaboration.