Innovation projects overview

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  • Community Services

    Innovation project - SURF collaborates closely with researchers on the development of new ICT services. This often involves a large-scale, national research infrastructure such as LOFAR and BBMRI. Within the Community Services project, we are working together on proofs-of-concept (testing of ideas) and organising meetings for the research community.

  • Support4research

    Innovation project - The goal of Support4research is improving the efficacy of SURF support in meeting the research needs of education and research institutions. This is intended to improve the ICT services provided to researchers. After all, a high-quality and low-threshold infrastructure is a necessary precondition for conducting research at the highest level.

  • ICT Breakthrough Projects

    Innovation project - The government, the business sector and knowledge institutes are working together on a number of ICT Breakthrough Projects. These projects make new ICT technologies accessible to businesses in 9 promising sectors (priority sectors) within the Dutch economy. SURFsara is collaborating on a number of these Breakthrough Projects.

  • Fortissimo

    Innovation project - Fortissimo is an EU project that makes simulations accessible to the SME sector. HPC providers, domain experts and software suppliers throughout Europe are developing new simulation and modelling services and making these available to other companies. The intended result is the creation of a marketplace for simulation and modelling services.

  • Impact2 stimulates deployment of HPC at companies

    Innovation project - In addition to research scientists, businesses are also using SURFsara's High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure. With the Impact2 project, companies can benefit from SURFsara’s services such as big data and large-scale computational power, enabling them to innovate faster and strengthen their market position.


    Innovation project - Close collaboration among European countries in the field of High Performance Computing (HPC) has led to the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE). PRACE gives top researchers access to the fastest systems in Europe, enabling the Netherlands to continue to compete with countries such as China and the US.