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  • eduroam in public locations

    Innovation project - For many educational and research institutions, eduroam is now an essential service for students and staff. SURF is examining in which public locations eduroam can be offered.

  • Internet of Things

    Innovation project - It's not just people who are online, "things" such as machines, keys, cars, thermostats and fridges are too. Together they make up the Internet of Things. In collaboration with institutions, SURF is examining how the Internet of Things could be applied in education and research.

  • Provider-independent E-SIM

    Innovation project - SURF is investigating the possibilities of a provider-independent embedded SIM (E-SIM). In the near future, it will be possible to conclude contracts with providers in-house while operating as holders of E-SIM cards – all without end users having to change their SIM.

  • Location-based services

    Innovation project - SURF is examining the possibilities of location-based services as a new type of wireless application. Location-based services are applications that use the location data of objects or people. In collaboration with institutions, SURF is examining the potential applications of location-based services in education and research.

  • Wi-Fi calling

    Innovation project - SURF is researching Wi-Fi calling as a new type of wireless application, which carries phone calls and text messages over the Wi-Fi network. It is a solution to indoor coverage problems. SURF is playing an important role in the effort to make Wi-Fi calling available and is providing advice on public tenders for telephone services.