Innovation projects overview

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  • Organising flexibility

    Innovation project - The student population is becoming increasingly diverse, and every student has their own preferences and wishes. Consequently, student-oriented education requires flexibility. SURF is developing tools for student mobility and educational logistics that institutions can use to make their education more flexible and offer students more choices.

  • Access to learning materials

    Innovation project - When students and lecturers can access a wide variety of learning materials anytime and anywhere, there are more opportunities for flexible education. SURF wants to ensure that students have online access and that lecturers can develop and share open educational resources together.

  • Community Services

    Innovation project - SURF collaborates closely with researchers on the development of new ICT services. This often involves a large-scale, national research infrastructure such as LOFAR and BBMRI. Within the Community Services project, we are working together on proofs-of-concept (testing of ideas) and organising meetings for the research community.

  • Sustainability

    Innovation project - SURF promotes sustainability in education and research. Sustainability is also an integral part of our activities and services. The main goal of this innovation project is the 'greening' of ICT. We do this for and together with our members but also for our own services.