Innovation projects overview

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  • Registering and exchanging research information

    Innovation project - It is important to ensure that information relating to academic research in the Netherlands is collected and exchanged in a structured and uniform manner. Against this background, under the open access programme, SURFmarket supports knowledge exchange, standardisation, innovation and cross-institutional projects.

  • National and international coordination and collaboration

    Innovation project - Open access is a worldwide movement involving numerous stakeholders. Coordination and collaboration on open access are essential.

  • OpenAIRE 2020

    Innovation project - OpenAIRE 2020 is a major European project that aims to be the open access infrastructure for Europe. Like all European Union member states, the Netherlands participates in this project. SURFmarket coordinates the activities carried out by its project partners: the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research NOW and CWTS*.

  • Identifiers for registering research results

    Innovation project - It is important for institutions to determine who produces research results, open access or otherwise, and what they are. This is determined by using persistent identifiers - unique labels that refer to a digital object. As part of this project, SURFmarket is conducting a pilot project to promote the implementation of the author identifier ORCID.

  • Supporting new business models for 'open access publishing'

    Innovation project - This project aims to support researchers and institutions by keeping open access publishing simple, clear-cut and manageable. New licensing models will be developed and new ICT services and the legal expertise required for open access publishing will be identified.

  • information about copyright in higher education

    Innovation project - Where legal matters are concerned, SURFmarket has launched its redesigned website, which now offers up-to-date legal information about copyright, to support the transition to open access. Researchers, lecturers and students can consult the website for answers to copyright-related questions.

  • SURFmarket 3.0

    Innovation project - In this project, SURF is developing SURFmarket 3.0. This ICT marketplace gives every Dutch researcher, student, lecturer and staff member access to a wide range of products and services that they can deploy and use without having to worry about accessibility, rights of use or reliability.

  • Continuing development of HORA & Standards

    Innovation project - In this project, SURF is optimising information management in higher education through Architecture and Standards. HORA (Higher Education Reference Architecture) ensures a common language, references, frameworks and models. Standards make a significant contribution to the quality and flexibility of national and international collaboration.