Innovation projects overview

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  • Research data zone

    Innovation project - SURFnet is examining the possibilities of a research data zone, which is a section of a campus network that is optimised for data-intensive research. A project has been launched with UvA/HvA to design and implement a research data zone. SURFnet acts as a coordinator, bringing together the institutions and companies.

  • Organising flexibility

    Innovation project - The student population is becoming increasingly diverse, and every student has their own preferences and wishes. Consequently, student-oriented education requires flexibility. SURF is developing tools for student mobility and educational logistics that institutions can use to make their education more flexible and offer students more choices.

  • RADIUS as a Service

    Innovation project - SURFnet is conducting research into the possibilities of RADIUS as a Service, as a supplement to SURFwireless or as a separate service. We are looking to see if we can monitor and manage RADIUS servers in one centrally managed environment that can easily and securely provide links to, for example, eduroam.

  • Network function virtualisation (NFV)

    Innovation project - SURFnet is conducting research into new network technologies that could enhance its network, including the virtualisation of network functions. SURFnet is working on a proof-of-concept environment, with a virtual firewall being the first function to be tested.

  • International network activities

    Innovation project - Research and educational institutions are increasingly making use of e-infrastructure services delivered by providers or fellow institutions all over the world. It is therefore essential to ensure that the SURFnet network is connected to the rest of the world. SURFnet is engaged in various activities to further expand and improve this connectivity.

  • eduroam in public locations

    Innovation project - For many educational and research institutions, eduroam is now an essential service for students and staff. SURFnet is examining in which public locations eduroam can be offered.

  • Internet of Things

    Innovation project - It's not just people who are online, "things" such as machines, keys, cars, thermostats and fridges are too. Together they make up the Internet of Things. In collaboration with institutions, SURFnet is examining how the Internet of Things could be applied in education and research.

  • PERT - Performance Enhancement and Response Team

    Innovation project - SURFnet is examining the possibilities for setting up a PERT: Performance Enhancement and Response Team. A PERT helps ICT departments and end users when the network isn’t providing optimum performance. It supports the optimisation of end-to-end performance, dealing with problems such as slow connections, low bandwidth and excessive delay or jitter.

  • SURFnet Network Dashboard

    Innovation project - The SURFnet Network Dashboard gives institutions an overview of all SURFnet network services. Infrastructure managers and infrastructure administrators are able to view graphs and traffic statistics. Infrastructure managers can also set up light paths on their MSP to another MSP.

  • E-LAN

    Innovation project - SURFnet is investigating the possibilities of an E-LAN (Ethernet Local Area Network) within the SURFnet network. An E-LAN is a virtual private LAN for connecting multiple locations. Researchers from UMCs are currently cooperating with the help of SURFnet's E-LAN.

  • Access to learning materials

    Innovation project - When students and lecturers can access a wide variety of learning materials anytime and anywhere, there are more opportunities for flexible education. SURF wants to ensure that students have online access and that lecturers can develop and share open educational resources together.

  • Flexible and Personal Digital Learning Environment

    Innovation project - It is expected that the digital learning environment of the future will be a flexible, personalised learning environment: a modular system with tools and applications that are easy to integrate and exchange. SURF wants to offer institutions the technical frameworks they need to be able to set up this kind of environment.

  • SURFnet testbed

    Innovation project - SURFnet has developed a testbed for researching new network technologies and concepts. The SURFnet testbed can amongst others be used for any type of SDN-related work, such as gaining hands-on experience with OpenFlow switches and controllers, development of SDN prototypes and/or third-party SDN software testing.

  • Project SURFnet8

    Innovation project - SURFnet is working on Project SURFnet8, the goal of which is to further develop the fixed section of the national education and research network. Both layers of the SURFnet network – the optical layer and the service layer – will be upgraded.

  • Provider-independent E-SIM

    Innovation project - SURFnet is investigating the possibilities of a provider-independent embedded SIM (E-SIM). In the near future, it will be possible to conclude contracts with providers in-house while operating as holders of E-SIM cards – all without end users having to change their SIM.