Joint procurement IT facilities

We purchase IT and content on the best possible terms and make sure you can use them easily. We also support you in tendering processes that we carry out for institutions.


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IT procurement

You can of course purchase IT products and services yourself, but this takes a lot of time, knowledge, and money. You can also make use of one of SURF's purchasing options. We collate the demand and need at the institutions and purchase software and hardware on that basis. This will of course be on the best possible terms.

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Content procurement

In addition to purchasing IT, you can also contact SURF for the purchase of content. SURF concludes agreements with publishers on behalf of the cooperative associations of university libraries.

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IT purchasing options

3 purchasing options

Depending on the demand from institutions and the supply in the market, SURF chooses the most appropriate procurement option for each service. We offer you 3 different procurement options:

Suppliers per domain

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Available contracts

Here you will find an overview of the suppliers we have an agreement with. Check per domain which type of agreement is available.

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According to the GDPR, a DPIA is necessary if there is large-scale processing of personal data or sensitive personal data.

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SURF has successfully completed the tender for network components.
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