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In the knowledge base you will find reports, videos and presentations of SURF and the higher education institutions. These publications are the results of innovation projects by SURF and the institutions. You will find an overview of these projects on the right-hand side below.


Knowledge Base

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OpenNaaS-based Networking Solution for DC Automated Management

28 JUL 2015

This article proposes a solution for an OpenNaaS management framework to provide data center administrators with a vendor independent overlay platform. It is intended to simplify the administration of operational functions of SURFsara and achieve a solution easy to deploy, easy to configure and easy to manage.


Choosing an open source network controller for a data center network

28 JUL 2015

This report describes tools that automate some aspects of network maintenance. SURFsara wants to select a network controller to allow automatic configuration of the network. The main requirement is security related: to limit each application to only make network changes that are necessary for that application.


Infographic: SURF cloud projects approach

13 JUL 2015

During SURF cloud projects, SURF works together with institutions to develop widely applicable services. The key concepts of SURF's new approach to cloud technology are 'demand-driven' and 'together with early adopters'. In this infographic, the approach used during SURF cloud projects is explained further.


Best practice HAS University of Applied Sciences strengthens collaboration with SURF

25 JUN 2015

For the last 3 years or so, HAS University of Applied Sciences has been strengthening its collaboration with SURF. Not surprising perhaps, given the number of ICT challenges it faces. In the past HAS University of Applied Sciences only ordered software through SURFmarket, now it also uses SURFinternet and SURFconext.


Best practice The Hague University of Applied Sciences: outsourcing a data centre with two MSPs

18 JUN 2015

On SURFnet7, institutions can purchase Multi Service Ports (MSPs), enabling multiple light paths to run via one network port simultaneously. The Hague University of Applied Sciences uses two 10 Gbit/s MSPs to guarantee a secure and continuous connection with the external data centre.


Innovation projects

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Testbed for innovative ICT applications

Institutions aim to offer personalised, flexible education that meets the individual needs of students. In its project titled 'Testbed for innovative ICT applications', SURFnet is examining the potential benefits of new ICT technologies and applications in education.

Developing multipoint connectivity services via E-LANs

SURFnet is investigating the possibilities of an E-LAN (Ethernet Local Area Network) within the SURFnet network. An E-LAN is a virtual private LAN. E-LANs are useful for connecting several locations. In the fall of 2015, an E-LAN will become available for several pilot projects.

SURF cloud project Web hosting

Within the SURF cloud project Web hosting, six Dutch higher education and research institutions are working together with SURF to develop a generic web-hosting service. The goal is to offer end users a reliable web environment in the cloud via SURF.

SURF cloud project KUBUS

Within the KUBUS project, SURF and six universities of applied sciences are working together on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). The goal of the project is to create a common platform that institutions can use to share ICT facilities with each other.


SURFnet is an active participant in the European GÉANT research network. The GN4 development project aims to ensure high-quality network services and user facilities as part of GÉANT. SURFnet is helping to manage the mobile and cloud aspects of the project.