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  • Testbed for innovative ICT applications

    Innovation project - Institutions aim to offer personalised, flexible education that meets the individual needs of students. In its project titled 'Testbed for innovative ICT applications', SURFnet is examining the potential benefits of new ICT technologies and applications in education.

  • Developing multipoint connectivity services via E-LANs

    Innovation project - SURFnet is investigating the possibilities of an E-LAN (Ethernet Local Area Network) within the SURFnet network. An E-LAN is a virtual private LAN. E-LANs are useful for connecting several locations. In the fall of 2015, an E-LAN will become available for several pilot projects.

  • Learning analytics

    Innovation project - Learning analytics is the collection, analysis and reporting of data about students and their environment, for the purposes of understanding and improving education and the environment in which it occurs. This field would seem to hold opportunities for improvements to education.


    Innovation project - SURFnet is an active participant in the European GÉANT research network. The GN4 development project aims to ensure high-quality network services and user facilities as part of GÉANT. SURFnet is helping to manage the mobile and cloud aspects of the project.

  • Project SURFnet8

    Innovation project - Over the next four years, SURFnet will be working on Project SURFnet8, the goal of which is to further develop the fixed section of the national education and research network. The infrastructure consists of the optical network, the Carrier Ethernet network, the IP network and the related network-management system.

  • SURF cloud project Web hosting

    Innovation project - Within the SURF cloud project Web hosting, six Dutch higher education and research institutions are working together with SURF to develop a generic web-hosting service. The goal is to offer end users a reliable web environment in the cloud via SURF.

  • SURF cloud project KUBUS

    Innovation project - Within the KUBUS project, SURF and six universities of applied sciences are working together on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). The goal of the project is to create a common platform that institutions can use to share ICT facilities with each other.

  • ‘Exchange between test systems' incentive scheme

    Innovation project - The objective of the ‘Exchange between test systems' incentive scheme is to: gain insight into how test items and data might be exchanged between different test systems, and come up with technical solutions. This would simplify and clarify the use of collective digital test content and the exchange of test data.

  • ICT Breakthrough Projects

    Innovation project - The government, the business sector and knowledge institutes are working together on a number of ICT Breakthrough Projects. These projects make new ICT technologies accessible to businesses in 9 promising sectors (priority sectors) within the Dutch economy. SURFsara is collaborating on a number of these Breakthrough Projects.

  • Fortissimo

    Innovation project - Fortissimo is an EU project that makes simulations accessible to the SME sector. HPC providers, domain experts and software suppliers throughout Europe are developing new simulation and modelling services and making these available to other companies. The intended result is the creation of a marketplace for simulation and modelling services.

  • Learning analytics: Testing and learning dispositions

    Innovation project - This project studies the impact of learning analytics on study success. The data is based on the use of digital testing platforms and individual learning dispositions. The goal is to improve control of learning processes in order to increase study yields.


    Innovation project - The COACH project develops an overarching dashboard for students across various learning environments and systems. The dashboard gives students insight into their personal study progress and shows how their study habits compare to those of other students. The goal is to encourage students to have an active attitude towards studying.


    Innovation project - The IMAGE ME project studies how the radiological image interpretation skills of medical students can improve through feedback based on learning analytics. Learning analytics provides insight into the cognitive processes of students and increases the possibilities of providing feedback on radiological image interpretation.

  • LADA

    Innovation project - The LADA project develops a learning analytics dashboard and compiles rich data sets. The project studies the effect of the dashboard on the learning process in a ‘real-life setting’. In this respect, LADA goes a step further than collecting data from traditional ELOs that only provide limited information about the learning process.

  • Learning from data

    Innovation project - This project studies how learning analytics can contribute to increasing lecturer competencies in the areas of learning analytics and testing competence. The expectation is that an improved testing programme will lead to higher study success.