Enlighten Your Research

Enlighten Your Research (EYR) is a competition that challenges researchers from all sorts of scientific areas to give a boost to their research. Processing and analysing large amounts (or a big variety of) scientific data plays a central role in research of EYR participants.

Special competition website

Is 2013 the 4th edition of the Enlighten Your Research was launched. For up to date information, please visit the website www.surf.nl/eyr.

There is also an international version of this competition: Enlighten Your Research Global. For up to date information, please visit the website www.enlightenyourresearch.net  

Past editions of Enlighten Your Research

In the past four years, three EYR editions have been organised.

  • EYR3 (2011) focused not just on the use of lightpaths, but on e-Infrastructure in general by collaborating with other infrastructure partners.
  • EYR2 (2009) aimed at promoting the use of dynamic lightpaths.
  • EYR1 (2007) researchers were asked to submit a proposal for the application of one or more fixed lightpaths (national or international)

Interested to know who won the previous editions or read the jury reports? Please visit the page on past competition winners.

More information

For more information on Enlighten Your Research 4, please contact Sylvia Kuijpers (eyr@surf.nl or +31-302305305).
For more information on Enlighten Your Research Global, please contact Sylvia Kuijpers (info@enlightenyourresearch.net or +31-302305305). 

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