Trend Report on Open Educational Resources 2012(Publicatie)

The 2012 Trend Report on Open Educational Resources discusses the current situation and developments in open educational resources (OER) as at 2012.

10 APR 2012

International OER movement

The rise of OER is an international development. However, discussions that are already underway in other countries have yet to be broached in the Netherlands. Though it does not claim to be comprehensive, the trend report, issued by the OER Special Interest Group (SIG), is intended to spark new discussions.

Open educational resource experts

The report contains 12 articles by 16 Dutch experts on OER in higher education, alongside 12 'intermezzos' offering highly relevant case examples. In it, the authors - all members of the OER SIG - respond to the central question: Where do we stand now and what are the key developments to watch?

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