2014 Open Education Trend Report(Publicatie)

The 2014 Open Education Trend Report describes the trends relating to open and online education in the Netherlands and abroad, written from within the context of Dutch higher education. This is done by means of eight articles written by Dutch experts in the field of open and online education and eight brief intermezzi.

10 MAR 2014

The 2014 Open Education Trend Report is published by SURF’s Open Education Special Interest Group.

The Trend Report contains the following articles and intermezzi:

  • Postgraduate open and online higher education: the perspective of participants, employers, training institutes and education professionals (by Nicolai van der Woert, Ria van ’t Klooster, Mark Visser and Jody Hoekstra)
  • intermezzo My (open) education app
  • Open for business? (by Matthijs Leendertse and Jop Esmeijer)
  • intermezzo MOOC platforms
  • Recognition of MOOCs in the education sector (by Marja Verstelle, Marije Schreuder and Hester Jelgerhuis)
  • intermezzo Open education and the semantic web
  • MOOC testing and assessment (by Meta Keijzer-de Ruijter and Sofia Dopper)
  • intermezzo Data sources on open education and MOOCs
  • Integration and reuse of open education in the context of formal education (by Martijn Ouwehand and Ria Jacobi)
  • intermezzo Publications
  • Open education, Big Data and learning analytics (by Sander Latour and Robert Schuwer)
  • intermezzo Universiteit van Nederland
  • MOOCs: students’ views on the pitfalls and opportunities (by Marianne Kaufman and Tim van den Brink)
  • intermezzo Open education and academic ranking
  • Open education and legal issues: trends and developments (by Esther Hoorn and Robert Schuwer)
  • intermezzo XYOC: MOOC variants

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