Conclusions and results of ‘Conscious and competent testing’ project(Publicatie)

The ‘Conscious and competent testing’ project developed a self-assessment tool for test knowledge. It also researched the effect of the tool on the test knowledge of teacher trainers. The research showed that the self-assessment tool can contribute to improved test knowledge.

10 JUL 2014

Achieving test quality through test competency in teacher trainers

Test quality is largely determined by the test competence of teacher trainers and their understanding of effective testing. The ‘Conscious and competent testing’ project carried out research focused on the test competence of teacher trainers. Based on analysis of existing tools, a development-focused self-assessment tool was created in collaboration with teachers and testing experts.

Improved test knowledge

Research into the effect of the self-assessment tool on teacher trainers’ test knowledge reveals that the tool can contribute to improve test knowledge. Teacher trainers also considered the tool to be useful and useable for self-assessment. The tool contributes to greater awareness around testing. It proved difficult to determine an improvement in test skills. The research does not show how teacher trainers apply their knowledge in practice.

Validity of the tool

The tool was developed as a research tool, and therefore is not a fully developed product. It includes tests across the whole field, but is not totally comprehensive. Any conclusions drawn about lecturers’ knowledge is indicative and can only be used in a formative way, as self-assessment. The results give users the opportunity to reflect on their own knowledge.

Development of the tool and research

The project came up with learning objectives for tests and assessments, and developed the self-assessment tool, based on literature research and interviews. Teacher trainers from four institutions involved developed test items featuring development-focused feedback. The tool was fine-tuned following the research among 99 teacher trainers.

Project results

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