Final project report GigaPort3(Publicatie)

Under the GigaPort3 innovation programme SURFnet has worked on innovating the network infrastructure and connecting e-infrastructure elements. SURFnet7 is among the projects that have been built under the programme. GigaPort3 had a total budget of EUR 37 million and ran until 2014.

01 SEP 2014

Launched in 2010

The government earmarked a EUR 32 million grant from the Dutch Economic Structure Enhancement Fund (FES) for the design and construction of SURFnet7, which will enable the next generation of networks and support dynamic services as part of the large-scale innovation project, GigaPort3. Minister Plasterk of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science officially launched GigaPort3 in 2010.

Completed in 2014

The roll-out of SURFnet7 was completed in 2014. This marked the successful completion of the final migration work, with key nodes also being duplicated to greatly increase the reliability of the network. The delivery of SURFnet7 was achieved through close cooperation with suppliers, users and research partners. The SURFnet7 network offers a solid basis for the further development of new services and functionalities.

Excellent assessment

The GigaPort3 project was implemented by SURFnet. The programme was evaluated in September 2014 by a Strategic Advisory Committee made up of international experts. The committee's assessment of the programme and its implementation found it to be excellent and a model for other research networks around the world.

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