Conclusions and results of 'Business Administration and Business Economics test and question bank' project(Publicatie)

In a project initiated by SURF five universities of applied sciences jointly devised 2,000 practice questions for tests including feedback for the programmes in Business Administration and Business Economics using a shared online testing environment.

12 SEP 2014

The universities of applied sciences plan to continue their collaboration on completion of the project.

Additional practice material for tests

Students often find Business Administration and Business Economics difficult subjects, and passing rates for tests in these subjects are correspondingly low. Lecturers generally do not have the time to create and assess additional practice tests. To alleviate both problems lecturers from five universities of applied sciences devised 2,000 practice questions for tests in collaboration with ECABO, a Centre of Expertise on Vocational Education, Training and the Labour Market, under the ‘Test and question bank for Business Administration and Business Economics’ project.

Shared online testing environment

After drawing up learning objectives, testing outcomes and a style guide, the questions were developed and stored in RemindoToets a single, shared online testing environment. Various types of questions were devised, to which feedback and metadata were added. ECABO was responsible for performing quality control of the technical aspects of testing while lecturers were responsible for verifying the accuracy of content.

Study success rates and workload

A survey showed that study success rates among students had not yet risen nor had lecturers seen their workload diminish. This may be attributable to the short time frame and the efforts that lecturers were required to put into developing the questions. Nonetheless this has not deterred lecturers who are keen to proceed. Moreover students at a number of universities of applied sciences who actively used RemindoToets apparently obtained higher marks than those who did not use the program.

Extended collaboration

As the project progressed, it soon became clear that the partners planned to extend their collaboration on completion of the project. Various activities, such as the development of new test questions, are therefore ongoing. Preparations are also underway to ratify the collaboration at board level and further expand it.

Testing and Test-Driven Learning

The Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Amsterdam and Saxion Universities of Applied Sciences conducted this project in association with ECABO under the SURF Testing and Test-Driven Learning programme.

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